Oxygen – Empowering Sustainable Business Practices
Oxygen is an initiative by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Financial Market Services that aims to facilitate efficient, transparent reporting of sustainable practices by Bulgarian companies.
By providing a comprehensive platform for businesses to disclose their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, Oxygen aims to help companies become more responsible and accountable in their operations.
Why Oxygen
Standardized data collection process
Standardized data collection forms ensure that information is consistent, comparable, and timely, regardless of the source. This reduces the potential for errors and omissions.
Regulatory compliance
The reporting forms align with environmental, social, and corporate accountability indicators established in global practice and comply with applicable European and Bulgarian legislation.
Automated reporting
The system generates customizable and compliant ESG reports that meet regulatory requirements and investor expectations.
How it works
1. Request a consultation
Contact the FMS team to find the most adapted package for your organization.
2. Sign in to your account
Enter the received username and password.
3. Select a service
Choose a template, reporting language, and reporting period.
4. Enter company data
Oxygen consolidated quantitative and qualitative company data that will serve to comply with the ESG requirements under Bulgarian law.
5. Generate your non-financial statement/ESG report
The generated non-financial report / ESG report contains environmental, social, and governance data, structured according to the requirements of the applicable European and Bulgarian legislation.
How to be sustainable?
The principles of sustainable development, separated as requirements in the European Green Deal, are fundamental to the uptake of effective environmental and social practices in the interaction between shareholders, investors, corporate executives and other stakeholders.

The Green Centre guidelines encourage companies to disclose ESG information to the public periodically, including as part of its non-financial statements. Indicative ESG indicators based on the main internationally established standards in the field are also proposed, which are tailored to the specifics of Bulgarian companies.

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